Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When currencies meet objectives

Think about learning currencies and how they've changed over the past 20 years. The Internet went public in 1993 and ever since has been turning evolution into revolution in the practice of teaching and learning. Both bring about change, but the pace at which learning has been transformed by technology has been warp-speed. As program management and administration have become much more research-based, the tools (most free) have been developed to keep pace with bringing that level of rigorous inquiry and fact-based strategizing to the learner themselves. These tools provide venues for new millennium skill development in research and collaboration at all levels of learning.

In this interesting graphic, learning currencies inspire a way of looking at learning objectives and outcomes with an active, research- and collaboration-based approach to teaching and learning. These currencies can be exchanged in any academic field or topic.

What are the currencies in your classroom, virtual and on-the-ground? How do your currencies help form your learning objectives and meet your learning outcomes?

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