Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sloan-C e-Teaching Certificate

While the Instructional Design certificate programs I discussed in my last post are academic programs comprised of credit-bearing courses, there are also e-teaching certificates that are less rigorous, less costly and a lot easier to acquire.

Sloan Consortium offers two such certificates with their Teaching and Advanced Teaching Certificates. Each is comprised of a series of workshops (as opposed to more academically rigorous credit-bearing academic courses) that include a required foundation course and a handful of elective workshops.

The cost of these certificates is an allowable use of Title III funding for professional development! If you or your faculty are interested in acquiring credentialed high quality education in the area of e-teaching, these certificates are a powerful addition to both your professional toolbox and your vitae, as well as a sound first step in the direction becoming a fully credentialed e-learning professional!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ID Hunter: Instructional Design Graduate certificates

Today, I received an email from the creator of ID Hunter promoting this great resource for comparing graduate certificates in instructional design, e-learning and related topics. Clearly, its author spent considerable time compiling the most critical data for a side-by-side comparison of options.

Any educator who wants to take their course development and delivery to the next level would be well served by a certificate's inherent opportunities for in-depth study, research and practice, even if not teaching fully online. The best classroom courses also incorporate technology and a blended or hybrid approach to teaching and learning. A certificate can also formalize your credentials as an e-learning professional!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rubrics Made Even Easier!

In the world of assessment, there is no greater tool than the rubric! Well-constructed rubrics both qualify and quantify the assessment criteria and are a key communication tool between teachers and learners.

Do you need some help streamlining your grading rubric? Edudemic is here to help with no less than SIX online rubric creation tools!

Check them out HERE!