Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hear Us Out! Learners Open Up

Students in four Hamilton County, Tennessee high schools talk about college: what motivates them toward college, what weighs them down, what supports they need. The students were part of a series of focus groups (ten in all) in a student-led research project called "Hear Us Out." A student researcher facilitated each focus group. At the end of the video, juniors and seniors give advice to freshmen and sophomores who are just starting their path to college. "Hear Us Out" is a project of the nonprofit Center for Youth Voice at What Kids Can Do. A grant from Lumina Foundation for Education made this video possible. (YouTube description)

I find it sad and telling that this gem of a student perspective has been on YouTube for two years and has less than 300 views. Learners are letting us know what they need to succeed—are we listening?

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