Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are Learning Styles a Myth?

I haven't read this thoroughly yet, but I plan to ... are learning styles a myth?

21st Century Skills are so Last Century!

Interesting blog post here---make me think of learning objectives! I believe that technological impacts on culture and learning bear reflection in our course design and learning objectives. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

e-Portfolios for Learners

I thought some faculty might enjoy this Sloan-C Webinar on e-portfolios. (If you don't have the software already loaded, it will load automatically; just keep clicking "allow" and "OK" as needed! There is audio overlay to the slides, so make sure you have speakers or headphones.)

I can't think of any discipline in which it wouldn't be both prudent and educational for a learner to produce an e-portfolio. There are lots of resources out there as well as innovative applications of the tools. I'll create a special e-portfolio section of this blog page for linking you to the latest and greatest in e-portfolios.

Six Ways to Make Online Education More Invitiing

This article has some great tips for making your online course more inviting to learners. Would love to hear what has worked (or not) for you!

In my experience, the most common criticism of online education by learners is that instructors are slow to respond and not very interactive with students. While a certain degree of autonomy is requisite for online learning success, it's also critical to for the learner to engage with the instructor and with peer learners. There are myriad ways to ensure a deep level of engagement in an online course. I'll be posting more ideas and tips from a variety of sources as time goes on. I welcome your input and suggestions!

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Awesome Free Tools to Make Infographics

Have you seen the infographic on the right side of the blog page? (You can click on the e-learning infographic in order to view it in a larger view in a separate window. Explore!) It's a great model for conveying dense information in an engaging, high-impact presentation. I can think of so many ways that infographics can be used to teach but also to ASSESS LEARNING in the online classroom!

Here are tools to give you a great start on creating infographics. If you find that you have a need for tools not on this list, let me know and we'll look into higher end graphics programs.

Please share your tips for creating infographics ... as well as your end product!

17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times

I enjoyed reading this list of '17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times' and thought you might too! (Many apply to asynchronous classrooms as well!)

Are there any with which you disagree? Anything you would add?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

SoapBox lecture tool invites beta testers!

SoapBox is a fascinating new online lecture tool! According to its site:

Soapbox provides a platform for audience member input, while letting speakers facilitate discussion, organize feedback, and gauge audience sentiment -- all in real time. With SoapBox, speakers are able to transform traditional lectures into lasting conversations by integrating audience thoughts and opinions, without any interruption. 

I signed up to beta test (at the bottom of the page) ... anyone else interested?



It's all the rage! Classroom flipping has some bright outcomes as well! Check out THIS ENGAGING INFOGRAPHIC for the full story in bite-sized chunks.


Friday, November 11, 2011


Folks, the site is giving away FREE FOR LIFE 50-gigabyte storage accounts for online storage of your files. This offer is good only until December 2. In order to access the promotion, you must register and login the first time on a mobile device (Android, i-Phone, i-Pad) and then you will be able to login and use the account through non-mobile technologies after your initial login.

I signed up tonight. First, go to and look at the app. Then go on your mobile device and download it. After installing the app, open it and register for an account. You will need your email address and a password. Once you have logged in for the first time on the mobile device, you should be able to login (upload, view, etc.) from any mobile or non-mobile device after that.

Hey, 50 gigs of space that is free for life is nothing to sneeze at! Act quickly! Offer expires Dec. 2.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

e-Learning Infographic

Check out this very cool (and very informative) e-learning infographic. Cool tool! And ... who knew?

Ten Steps to Transforming Past Lessons for 21st Century Learners

Here are ten steps to transforming your traditional lesson plans and learning modules into 21st century models that engage learners.

Anything you would add?

JALN (Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks)

Do you know about the Sloan Consortium? Let's start with the peer reviewed Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks. In its own words:

The aim of the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks is to describe original work in asynchronous learning networks (ALN), including experimental results. Our mission is to provide practitioners in online education with knowledge about the very best research in online learning. Papers emphasizing results, backed by data are the norm. Occasionally, papers reviewing broad areas are published, including critical reviews of thematic areas. Papers useful to administrators are welcome. Entire issues are published from time-to-time around single topic or disciplinary areas. The Journal adheres to traditional standards of double-blind peer review, and authors are encouraged to provide quantitative data; currently JALN's acceptance rate is 25%. The original objective of the Journal was to establish ALN as a field by publishing articles from authoritative and reliable sources. The Journal is now a major resource for knowledge about online learning.

The Sloan Consortium also offers a considerable number of professional development opportunities, many of them free and not requiring membership.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I just found out about Voki from Connie Mack during our day-in-the-lab Blackboard marathon. With this tool, even the camera shy can create engaging video using either your own audio/voice (by phone or recording) or one of the digital voices on a fairly generous menu of options. I will be experimenting with this! The site generates a code to embed (like below) or link your video. Imagine the fun!