Friday, June 22, 2012

Huntsville school system trades textbooks for laptops & e-books

Have you heard? Huntsville schools are going digital with their textbooks! Check it out HERE!

What a forward-thinking move!
I think it will be great, said long-time school board member Topper Birney. Very quickly, it will save money. You don’t know how much we spend on textbooks, and once you buy a textbook it’s out of date the next day. 
Did you know that there are lots of FREE academic e-books out there for use in your classroom? Look through the resources links on the right of this page or just do a Web search for "free academic e-books" and see what's out there!

e-Books are not only more affordable (especially if FREE!) but are "dynamic" in that the information is more likely to be current and easily updated. Developing your course textbook-independent with e-curriculum has never been easier! 

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