Monday, March 17, 2014

Serious eLearning Manifesto

From the venerable Stephen Downes' OLDaily, the Serious eLearning Manifesto:
We believe that learning technology offers the possibility for creating uniquely valuable learning experiences. 
We also believe, with a sense of sadness and profound frustration, that most elearning fails to live up to its promise. 
We further believe that current trends evoke a future of only negligible improvement in elearning design—unless something radical is done to bend the curve. 
Finally, we have concluded that in order to elevate elearning to the height of its promise, we need to begin with a personal commitment to a new set of standards. 
Through continuous assessment of learner performance, the elearning experience can optimize use of the learner’s time, individualize the experience for full engagement, address needs, optimize practice, and prepare for transfer of learning to performance proficiency. 
Through our work in developing elearning experiences and helping others do the same, we believe that we need to go beyond typical elearning to the values and characteristics of Serious eLearning ...
Please watch this insightful and inspiring hour-long Google Hangout with the Manifesto team:

Read it in full HERE. And then, please—go sign!

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