Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Training Program Page

If you check out my new training program page, you'll get a couple of added surprises!

One, the page is a freebie hosted by You can make free Weebly Web pages too! This is the first free site I've used that hosts multiple pages, and it's a great feature, indeed. Weebly Web pages (I just love saying it, I admit it) would make a great tool for organizing course content as well! The production area is feature-rich and the publishing is as easy as blogging updates (I don't miss the days of FTP!), so even the newbiest of newbs can figure this out. We may just hold a Weebly workshop, though, so that we can play together and see what sort of inspiration is sparked!

Another wonderful surprise is the upcoming POWER THROUGH SERIES of seven workshops designed to guide and motivate the e-course developer through the e-course development and certification process. The series is a pilot inspired by the needs of an academic department to get a majority of a degree program online for fall enrollment. We decided to open the opportunity up to other faculty course developers facing similar deadlines (or perhaps a few who might need help catching up to theirs) and anyone else interested in developing an online course!

Welcome, summer!

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