Friday, April 5, 2013

e-Learning Conferences

I've been busy recuperating from the e-Learning Guild's Learning Solutions 2013 conference in Orlando last month, as well as preparing for the Sloan Consortium's 6th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning next week! While I dread the travel and the days away from home, I know that I always gain tremendously when I attend such conferences. The information and knowledge sharing is great, but the enthusiasm of the crowd and the very high energy of most attendees is always contagious and rejuvenating! I get some of my BEST ideas at conferences, and there's no denying that being in there in person adds to the experience.

I have not yet attended a full conference via online connection and wonder how popular that option has become. Viewing archived webinars is a fabulous way of catching a workshop after the fact, but being relegated to "view only" (for a big question-asker, suggestion-maker like me, especially!) can be limiting. But one can participate live in a conference or Webinar via an Internet connection if the technology used is robust and comprehensive in its ability to let every participant interact with the workshop content.

Have you noticed the link in the resource bars to the right of the blog for e-learning conferences? The choices can be overwhelming, but I can vouch for the Educause and e-Learning Guild conferences as great investments of your time and money! I'm excited to be attending my first Sloan-C conference next week in Las Vegas.

Which do you like best?

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