Friday, October 26, 2012

Ubuntu on Chromebook! (and Using Open Source in the classroom!)

For those OS (Open Source) fans out there, know that the Chromebook hybrid (think: laptop meets tablet) supports the Ubuntu operating system. (Thanks to Scott D. for this tip!) For anyone who is not sure exactly what that means, it's significant to mobile technology (like tablets and smartphones, devices you can take on the run) to be able to run software that is Open Source—I have an OS section of resources started and welcome the contributions of any OS veterans!

We have a workshop coming up in November that will address OS integration in the classroom. Dr. Maurice Dawson and a few of his student colleagues will be presenting! It'll be one of those don't-miss presentations, so we'll be giving you plenty of notice, as well as recording the session for online delivery next semester. (Any off-campus readers can contact me directly for access.)

For the novice, OS means using FREE software for you and your learners. The OS software movement is user-driven and much more accessible to the computer novice than ever before. Watch for our workshop announcement and join the discussion!

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