Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lettrs: Making Writing Meaningful in a "Slow Communications Movement"

The Lettrs [sic] social media platform is creating a stir in both secondary and post-secondary learning environments. A common refrain from educators at all levels is that learners simply don't know how to write well. I'm seeking resources that would help in the classroom (digital or brick-and-mortar) with developing/remediating reading and writing skills.

I know as a learner, an educator and a parent that there are two key components to the development of great writing skills: reading and writing. The more one reads, the better one writes. And the more one writes, the better s/he becomes at writing.

So how do we encourage the development of these skills while teaching other course curriculum at the same time and at a post-secondary level of academic rigor?

Here's a great idea that can be adapted to any academic level of learning and any topic or curriculum. Writing is a great form of learning assessment as well.

Do you have other great ideas for developing reading and writing skills at a college level? Please share!

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