Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free fonts!

I just added a list of free font Web sites to our list of resources on the right! It's important to be creative with typefaces and fonts that are eye-catching and easy to read when preparing digital curriculum. You also must make sure that the font is not substituted by a learner's computer system if it can't find the same font in its library! Contact me in the ODEeL if you'd like help using unusual fonts in your curriculum and would like to know our secret for "freezing" them into your layouts and never having to worry about font substitution again!

These are easily downloadable on both Mac and PC platforms. Just download the one you want, open the ZIP file by double-clicking and then double-click the TTF or OTF (TrueType Font or OpenType Font) file in the folder. It will ask if you want to install the font in your system and you simply agree. Then open your programs and see your new fonts on your type menus!

Let me know if you need assistance with this or any other technical or design issue on your course development!

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