Saturday, September 24, 2011

Learning Outcomes

I am so enjoying working in academia! The environment of inquiry, learning, growth and development has always inspired me to not only think more about what I do to support the learning of others, but how I support my own learning. I love the AAMU CETL belief that "teaching is a form of learning."

In a discussion yesterday, I was asked, "What makes a teacher MOST successful?" And I have enjoyed pondering that question. I have it boiled down to two options:

1) A teacher who is able to impart all of the facts and information to all of their students and every single one of them is able to memorize, retain and reflect that information and those facts when tested. (But then again, is that skill as critical now with online repositories of facts at our fingertips 24/7?)

OR ...

2) A teacher whose students ask him or her questions that s/he cannot answer.

Which would you rather be?

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